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Seating chart is needed when it comes to wedding or some other events. Creating a seating chart template cannot be done carelessly. It looks simple but you have to learn more about it. Here, we will share some tips to you who want to make a seating chart.


Tips to Make a Seating Chart Template

In creating a seating chart, you have to pay attention and consider many things. It depends on the event. You can start from the front. If it relates to wedding, you have to plan the wedding stage first. How big it will be and where you will make the stage.

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Before you start planning the chart of the seating, you have to think about other elements that may be needed. For example, a wedding party needs a space for entertainment. So, make sure that you dedicate the ideal space between the entertainment area to the stage and the guest’s seating.

Now, you can plan the seating arrangement. Here, you have to be able to estimate how many guests who are going to come. You can estimate it from the invitations you spread. Even though it may not be fixed, you can estimate how many chairs you will need.

After you know the estimation of the amount of the chairs needed, now you should think about the arrangement. The arrangement depends on the space available whereas it is horizontally or vertically. Seating arrangement is very flexible but you have to plan it properly.

When planning the seating arrangement, you cannot only focus on the chairs. However, you have to think about the access. Make sure that there are some spaces for easy access so that the guests can choose where they want to sit.

Seating chart form also usually requires the space for tables. In wedding or other parties, tables are always needed. So, you also have to plan where the tables will be placed. Make sure that the tables are reachable and do not block any access.

Seating chart is not only about arrangement. However, it also relates to the entrance and the out way. It should be planned properly from where the guests can enter the area of the event. It is better if the entrance is different from the door where the guests leave the location.

If the location is large enough, it is better if you dedicate a free space. The free space can be used when there are some guests who still do not get chairs. In this case, you must also prepare more chairs and tables. So, all the guests can enjoy the event well. They will also get the best services.

That is all the useful tips that you may need in creating a seating chart template. As it is mentioned above, seating chart is very flexible depending on the event held. Now, you can practice creating a seating chart template when there is an event that involves you. Hopefully it will be a useful reference.



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