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What is a seating chart?

A seating chart is a picture or diagram that illustrates the seating of people attending an event, for example a wedding, large meeting, or reunion. This seating chart is needed so that everyone who has claimed to be present at the event will get a seat. Because it is important, the seating chart arrangement must be carefully considered, even if necessary finalize it well in advance. We provide seating chart templates that you can use to arrange seating charts easily and quickly.

seating chart in photoshop

How to make seating chart arrangement

1. Choose a floor plan

Choose a venue that is suitable for your needs. Guess the total number of your guests, tables, stages, and others.

2. Layout your seating

Consult with experts to plan the seating for your events. They will be able to give you inputs according to their experience in dealing such matter.

seating chart in photoshop

3. Adjust tables to meet seating arrangement

Know the size and shapes of the tables before planning the seating arrangements.

seating chart in psd design

4. Assign seats to people

Prioritize seatings for elderly people and families with children.

5. Care for special needs

Keep a separate table just for kids if necessary. Also, you should arrange special seating for VIP guests.


What SHOULD be in a seating chart template

1. Unique number and name

Every person who has a seat must be recorded and get a unique seat number. This is to facilitate the event organizing committee and the invitation of the event itself.

2. organized by rows, sections, and levels

Choose a template that allows you to organize seats based on rows, sections, and levels. Moreover, if the venue where large events are held such as a concert hall, theater, or field.

seating chart psd templates

3. easily understood by event participants, performers, and backstage crew

A good seating chart must be easily understood by all parties involved in making the event a success, both the organizers, participants and attendees. Use escort card envelope templates that allow flexible seating charts. You can enter or add table numbers when the seating arrangement is final.

4. Use colors and labels to mark your seating chart

Adding labels will make it easier for people to read your seating chart. Color code will be very useful to make your seating chart more readable.

What SHOULD NOT be in a seating chart template

1. too rigid, cannot be customized for last-minute changes

A flexible seating chart will really help you when there are sudden changes ahead of the event alias last-minute changes. This will also help you when someone suddenly cancels their availability to attend a last-minute cancellation event.

seating chart psd

2. not grouped alphabetically

A seating chart must be sorted in a certain order, for example alphabetical order. Or, sorted according to a large family. Anyway, there must be a simplifying order.


Here is an example template for seating charts that are available for free on our site:

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Seating Chart Ideas

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Seating Chart Example

seating chart psd templates

seating chart example psd design

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