Security Receptionist Resume Sample

Security receptionist resume sample job description involves around combination of responsibilities between the security and receptionist job positions. One might fill security position, but he/she has the duty to greet visitors. On the other hand, you will have to be able to perform security measures although you fill in receptionist position. Both kinds of responsibility must be done in this position.

Security Receptionist Resume Sample

Lunaria Arlanta

6750 Cremin Overpass, Phoenix, AZ, Phone: +1 (555) 300 1471


                                                San Francisco, CA

                                                09/2016 – present

  • Provide assistance for the need of reporting processes of guard card license as assigned by human resource department
  • Offer help in taking care of administrative duties as ordered by the manager or superior staff of the company
  • Have the office passes issued for the visitors who need them and kept the record for the company
  • Present the information necessary for the needs, from the location to the employees themselves
  • Give quick and reliable responses to offer excellent service and make good first impression
  • Serve the customers in any way possible and in courteous manner while being professional at all times


Detroit, MI

09/2012 – 05/2013

  • Take care of any queries coming from the customers, staff, visitors, contractors, or anyone involved in
  • Provide support of general administrative and clerical kind to the people in need
  • Make proper greetings to the people entering the site prepared for the clients to be served
  • Receive all mails and deliveries and organize them all for easy access to get the one needed
  • Have the necessary letters and documents prepared as required for the needs to use them
  • Make schedules for the appointments and have the rooms managed for necessary meetings


San Francisco, CA

04/2008 – 05/2012

  • Work regularly as scheduled and report on time to make professional performance
  • Learn more of performance manual and post orders of site specific operations and be familiar with them
  • Conduct observations and make reports of any incidents or anything suspicious to safety personnel
  • Provide assistance for taking care of personnel file maintenance and follow the corporate HR guidelines
  • Provide all the necessary information and referral by using the company’s website
  • Assist the customers, employees, and visitors in the best manner and most appropriate manner possible


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Safety and Security Management


  • Good basic ability in computer, keyboard, software, and other necessary technologies to perform variety of activities as instructed
  • Excellent capability in putting attention to detail, organizing things, and ensuring accuracy for every needs
  • Fine skills in making good communication in verbal and written form with co-workers and customers or clients
  • Great skills of client services, from greeting the customers to providing safety solutions with the best quality possible
  • Capability to make effective assessment and evaluation when dealing with cases to provide the right solution for them
  • Fine identification skills with quick speed and high accuracy to take care of even critical issues for the needs


Security Receptionist Resume Sample

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