Sample Security Service Quotation

Tips and Guidelines in Writing a Security Service Quotation

There are many kinds of service in business. One of them is security service. If you are a security service provider, you will need to be able to write a security service quotation to your clients. It does not only make your business look professional but also impacts your potential clients.

Quotation Paper for Security Deployment


How to Write a Security Service Quotation

Writing a security service quotation template is not difficult. However, you have to know the rules, format, template and steps in detail. In this article, we will guide you to write the proper quotation template with 5 easy steps below.

First and foremost, you have to identify the services you will provide. Here, you have to identify your business and understand what services you can provide to meet the clients’ needs. Before you start writing and doing anything else, business identification can be considered as the most important thing.

Besides business identification, content should also be one thing to be paid attention. For your information quotation content must be compact. In fact, many clients or customers avoid a quotation that comes with lengthy content. That is why you have to keep simple but clear to make it acceptable.

After that, you need to provide every needed detail in the quotation including the services. It is better if you include the offered services in a point wise manner. Even though there are still many other ways to present it, this one will ease your clients to read, view, and understand it.



Not only the services, but you also have to include the cost. In this case, you have to be able to estimate the cost based on the services you will provide. The clients will not only take a look at the total amount but also the cost per service. So, you have to break it down with points.

One more thing, writing a security service quote template also requires you to mention the compensation. In fact, some quotations require compensation. So, you must include it, too. Here, your clients should be quite aware of such thing offered by a company.

Even though the format can be different from one quotation template to another, they usually have the similar basic elements or information to be included. In this kind of quotation, you have to make sure that it includes a header, body, and footer. Then, it must be signed off, too.

There are many types of security service quote. For example, you want to make a quote for outsourcing security service, security guards quote, RFQ for goods & security service, quotation for security development, etc. Here, you can make the quotation based on your own business of security service.


RFQ for Goods and Security Service Security Guards Quotation Example Quotation for Hiring Security Services Quotation for Security Service

Once you completely write this security service quotation, you should check whether there is any mistake or not. If there is any mistake, you have to revise it first before you print it out or send it to your clients. Hopefully this can is useful especially for you who have a business that provides security service.

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