Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample

Senior interior designer resume sample have to have extensive experience in creating and renovating indoor spaces such as homes, waiting areas, public building halls, offices, retail stores, and other building. With those experiences, you will be interesting to fill the job. Besides, the professional job also will need to use furniture, lighting, accessories, paint color, and other idea to create the pleasant and safe environment. Besides, the resume also should demonstrate the creativity, technical skills, safety regulation, and so forth. Furthermore, the education in this one is also important where the education requires for this job is a bachelor’s Degree in interior design and certification especially for certain states. Therefore, if you have those requirements, it will be better to write the best resume.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample

Christine Curtis

7865 Nikolaus Mills, Dallas, TX Phone: +1 (555) 897 3654


Experiences:                                      Senior Interior Designer/ Project Manager Dallas, TX

09/ 2016 – present

  • Be able to project arrangement, budgets, and set-up with sub-contractors, merchants and consultants
  • Succeed all phase of commercial interiors project such as project set-up, design and building administration
  • Manage a series of mission team sizes, encompassed of project draftsmen, interior designer, job leaders, and graphic designers
  • Arrange the project suggestions, negotiate agreements and fees, coordinate the order process
  • Path financial presentation of the project
  • Manage the numerous project such as taking duty for the commercial aspect of projects resources preparation and management
  • Convince the worker to fulfill the contract requirement by writing the clear and brief the requirements in contracts

Senior Interior Designer, Welive Chicago

02/ 2011 – 09/ 2015

  • Enhance the concept or mood strategies and successfully implement them from idea phase through the project execution
  • Increase the layout and finish sets to convince the project approach follows WeLive brand normal and best practices
  • Classify, select and identify the product and vendor that met the brand standard
  • Advance pre-construction or command documentation that clearly sends the design intent and document product merchant selections
  • Organize staging and closeout to convey the design intent is executed, upheld and communicated for Logistics Lead and Expansion Lead
  • Obviously and briefly join with both internal team and consultant throughout project duration concerning design concept, design execution and follow through

Senior Interior Designer Los Angeles, CA

06/ 2006 – 01/ 2011

  • Great at creating and maintaining the cross-functional working
  • Employed knowledge of construction codes, standard and building structures
  • Liable for conceptualizing and scheming all of aspects of interior design plan such as design representation, individually or a part of the team
  • Demeanor programming effort including space preparation, layout, and deployment of furnishing and equipment, lighting and color

Education                                            Kaplan University

Bachelor Degree in Interior Design


  • Strong business shrewdness and tactical thinking ability
  • Able to extant and communicate design ideas fast
  • Educated about innovation and trend both in and outside of the industry
  • Expert membership and gratitude a strong project management skills with the consideration to detail and ability to work under pressure
  • Improved the knowledge of sustainability, combined design and LEED guidelines
  • Proven capability to line up in order to meet the deadline and provide the high quality services to the customers


Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample

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