10+ Free Separation Agreements Sample Template

5 Steps to Write Separation Agreements

If something bitter happens to your marriage, at least you can make it less painful. You do not need to drag the broken marriage to the court. In fact, you can resolve the problems within yourselves with separation agreements. Some people also call it as a post-matrimonial agreement.

Basic Separation Agreement Template

With this agreement, you are able to separate with your wife or husband and divide the belongings and assets. This agreement lets you get time to think again about your issues & decide on getting a marital divorce. Anyway, it is very important for any couple to be able to create its template properly.

Step by Step in Writing a Separation Agreement

In writing a separation agreement, there are some steps that you will need to follow. Firstly, you can start by making an agreement with your spouse. In this case, you have to decide on all problems that need to be covered.

In making an agreement, you will have to consider any of your asset, maintenance, support, and debt during the marriage, etc. All of these problems should be dealt carefully with & reached into a solution the spouse agrees on. Anyway, both parties must agree with what is decided.

Secondly, you can start filling the form of agreement. If you have decided on the problems, now you may get the form of agreement. You can get it easily on internet. Alternatively, it is a good idea to refer a lawyer to make a separation agreement template for both of you & your spouse.

After you get the agreement form, you will need to add the details you have decided on. The details may include the agreement validity as well as the duration of separation where the final decision will be taken. Make sure that you fill the form completely and rightly.

Thirdly, what you have to do is to decide on the parenting issues. If you are separated, your kids are the most affected ones. In this case, you have to make sure that you consider them in making the separation agreement. If both parents work, you may need to divide the kids support.

In the agreement, you have to include the parenting time provision, too. If your kids are minor, you will need to decide who will have physical and legal custody. Physical or legal custody can be shared or joint. It depends on the decision of the parents.

At the end part of the agreement, it should be signatures. In this part, you & your spouse have to sign off the agreement. The signatures must be handwritten followed with name underneath. For the name, it should be typewritten. Do not forget to provide the date of the agreement writing.

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Lastly, you have to let the notary to sign off the separation agreements, too. Because it is an official document, notary’s signature must be provided. In this case, your lawyer may explain you about the details of the language type to add before the notary stamp.

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