5+ Service Quotation Sample

5 Steps in Creating a Service Quotation

The process of sales commonly starts with a request for a product / service quotation. If you receive it, make sure that the quotation is accurate & direct to the point. Anyway, it is very important to know how to write this kind of quotation. We will discuss it further here.

How to Write a Service Quotation

A service quote template must be written in detail. So, it lets your business to provide minimum obligations to your clients in exchanges for a specific amount. There are some easy steps that will help you develop this kind of quotation to be more comprehensive and effective.

What you have to do first is to make a header for the quotation. In this very first step, you have to make sure that you introduce your business to your clients moreover if they belong to new sales leads. So, you have to know what to include in the quotation header.

The header can be started with your business name. If your business has an official logo, it is also a good idea to include it. Besides that, you will need to provide some other details of contact information such as your business’s address, phone number, website, email address, etc.

Under the header, what you have to write is the detail of the potential clients. If there is more than one prospective client, you can list them down followed with other information related to them. This is very useful and can be used for invoicing & tracking purpose.

In this part, what you need to write first is the name of your client. After his or her name, you should include the address. Then, you can add other contact details. Usually, the other contact details include phone number, email address, social media, or anything else.

Now, it is time to specify the terms & conditions in this service quotation template. It relates to the terms & conditions of the services & payment agreements. By providing these details, it means you protect the right of your business. That is why you cannot forget including this section.

The next is the body of quotation. In this part, you have to include all servicers your clients will pay for. Make sure that you do not miss any service to be included. If there is any additional service that is not included, it means that should be paid separately.

Together with the list of services provided, you have to write the prices & total amount. In this case, you have to mention the price of each service before you sum up to get the total amount of money the clients must pay. Make sure that it is accurate and updated.


Consultancy Services Quotation Example Service quotation Analytical Service Quotation

A service quotation is used in different businesses. There are so many samples you need to know. For examples are such as consultancy service quote, analytical service quote, quote for housekeeping service, quote for catering service, travel service quote, computer service quote, etc.

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