10+ Printable Severance Agreement Templates Sample

Tips and Guidelines How to Make Severance Agreement Templates

Severance agreement template is a kind of agreement the company uses when they will lay off someone who did good or bad things in the company. Sometimes, it is also called as a separation agreement. It is agreement made if the employee signs and the company will be protected from a lawsuit against them.

Draft of a Severance Agreement

If you become an employer, you will need to make this agreement simple but specific. Simple means that you use understandable language whereas specific means that all benefits said are specific, not generalized. It includes time frame & the amount of pay for the compensation.

How to Write a Severance Agreement Template

In a separation agreement template, there are some elements you will have to include. The first is severance pay. It serves as the compensation the employee can use to sustain her or his need & wants until finding a new job.

However, you have to keep in mind that the specified time the company will continue to give severance pay is depended on how long & how decorated the employee career was in the company. The severance pay tends to be longer if she or he performed well & was beneficial to the growth of the company.

Besides that, this agreement should also include healthcare benefits. It is very useful if the employee you will lay off works hard to pay a hospital bill for his or her family member. It can give the employee impression that the company still cares about her or his personal life.

However, the time period the benefit is given will end depending on how long the employee has generated & served great performance in the company. Besides, it is not bad to know that you still have the healthcare benefits for a company that you don’t work anymore.

The next element to be included is confidentiality. In this separation agreement letter, the employer will request to keep the things confidential as well as that the only persons who should know about it will be the employees. This belongs to one of the most important elements.

Non disparagement is the next element you will need to include. In this case, if the employee would take & sign this agreement, she or he shouldn’t post any bad comment about the company’s employer. Because of that, the company will be assured of it. Then, the company’s reputation remains intact.

The last element is not using the company. As this agreement is signed, it means the employee agrees that he or she will not sue the company in any situation after he or she is laid off unless if its terms & conditions were inconsistent. It protects the reputation & avoid going to the court.

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There are so many samples of severance agreement templates. For example, you can find a confidentiality separation agreement, a voluntary severance agreement, a severance land agreement, a mortgage severance agreement, an employee separation agreement, and there are still many others.

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