Short Notice Resignation and the Letter Sample

Several circumstances might surround you in the least pleasantly way, especially in the line of work. If such a pleasant thing has overwhelmed you and gives you no comfort anymore, maybe it is time to move out of your work. Commonly, you will need to give a 2 week-notice to give your employer a heads-up, but you’ll find it unconditionally professional to give the notice ahead of the initial time. Therefore, to make it work, you must write your own short notice resignation letter.

162.Short Notice Resignation

What is a Short Notice Resignation Letter?

A short notice resignation letter is a letter referred to your employer informing your formal resignation with an early notice ahead of the original 2 week-notice at minimum. Generally, it is a breach of contract towards your employer to conduct such a manner. However, you may be able to perform this feat under the different implementation of policy for each company.

Is a Short Notice Resignation Even Possible?

For such a request to be accomplished, you will need to ask your manager or the supervisor first. Ask for any remaining assignments or projects that are left uncompleted, and that you will be the one who finishes them.  Reminding them of this will make it worth it for the employer to approve your short notice resignation letter as they do not have to pay you that long.

Tricks in Writing a Compelling Short Notice Resignation Letter?

Lots of people say that writing a business format in a resignation letter is quite a conundrum to conduct, but it is actually quite the opposite if you get the hang of it.  If you follow all these below hints, you will get the flow of the formal writing of a short notice resignation letter.

  • Inform your supervisor
  • Include the date you are leaving
  • Reasons for resigning
  • Prompt quick gratitude

The Sample of a Short Notice Resignation Letter?

Writing a simple short notice resignation letter could pose a challenge if you get puzzled beforehand. As such, there is no harm feeling to look at a sample below to get you a better understanding so that you can write the letter eventually.

Dear Mr. Henderson,

It is without my expectation that I am writing this letter to inform my sudden resignation from customer service at YDS company effective immediately on 21st January 2012. It simply means that my days at this company will only consist of 5 days from now. I am truly sorry for any convenience that this letter may cause to your company. I will surely do my best to make my transition run smoothly should you need my assistance.

All team members of mine have been initially informed about this. As for my remaining projects, I entrust the remaining two projects to Mr. Ang and Ms. Swan whose competencies are beyond comprehension. If you feel the need to ask more questions regarding this matter, you can call me at 1924049588.

Working together with you all has been merit that I could never deserve. All the fun and compassion that I gain working for this company will certainly supportive of my future growth in the next career.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Adam


That is all the information and tips concerning the resignation letter that you may need.

As for a short notice resignation letter, it should be your adequate tool whenever you want to resign early ahead of the original notice.

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