10+ Short Term Rental Agreement with PDF Form, Template, and Samples

Short term rental agreement is a legal agreement form that has purpose landlord’s interest and the property of the owner. It helps the owner to protect the right and minimize the misusing that is done by tenants or lessee.

In this form, you will need to mention about the detail information of the rental agreement. It includes the period of the agreement starts from the starting period to the ending date of the period. You also need to describe about the occupancy details here.

Then, how to create excellent form that can include all of the info in a good arrangement and clean design? Below, there are some details that incorporate with details. It talks about the vehicles details, pets’ condition – whether it is allowed or not allowed – and other info.

How to Create Excellent Short Term Rental Agreement

In order to create an excellent form, a better understanding of sample short-term rental agreement is needed. The easy sample will have this common form. Generally, it will consist with several data information that listed in the form.

It will also serve points that is delivered with numbers. From the beginning, to create a good form you will need to mention the title clearly in the form. Put the title such as Short Term Seasonal Letter above the body form.

Then, put the lease date one type under the title. Put the latest date or the time when the form is created on that section. After that, there will be empty form that require the name of the tenant with complete address and phone number along with the landlord’s name.

You will also need to mention what property is talking about. Give additional information about what layout the property has. If you have maximum occupancy, put it in the following section. If the tenant comes as family and bring children with them then put the condition in the form as well.

Put the condition of the rental place and how much it can occupy members in the form. After that, give the details of the info such us from who the letter form is created for and to whom it gives to. As an addition, it is important to put the details of the deposit and the sum total of the money.

Put the sum amount of the money along with the security deposit in the form. In short term rental contract form, there are points that you need to describe in points. These three points are the rental details, the non-liability of the landlord, and the acceptance of the property.

Three Points in the Short Term Rental Agreement

The first thing that will be point out is the rental agreement. Here, the form will state that the tenant agrees to rent from the landlord and the landlord agrees to lease the property. Both of parties agrees that the property is a vacation rental,

The tenant agrees to apply as transient or seasonal guest. Then, move to the second point. It talks about the non-liability of the landlord. It talks about certain stuff that related to the landlord and its agents. The last one is the acceptance of the property.

In this point, there will agreement on the condition of the property based on individuals, the risk of renting, check in time, and other terms related to the rental property. A good short term rental agreement will need to mention various important details in the form.


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