10+ Short Term Rental Agreement Sample Template

Step by Step in Writing a Short Term Rental Agreement Template

In case of renting properties, a rental agreement is needed as a legal document which protects both involved parties & the property rented. In relation to the duration of rent, there is what is called as a short term rental agreement. This agreement is usually made for less duration of renting property.

Apartment Short Term Lease Agreement


How to Create a Short Term Rental Agreement

If you want to make a short rental agreement template, there are some points that you will need to include. First of all, you will have to express about the rental property as well as what it includes clearly. For example, the rental property is a villa with its all furniture. The renter is also allowed to use it all.

Besides that, you have to state the tenant & date, too. You can start with the full name of the tenant followed with the date the agreement is effective. So, in this part you should be clear when the agreement will start and when it will end or last. It must be clear so that none of party is disappointed.

Then, what you have to include next is the period of tenancy. It is a period when they are going to enter in the property as well as the day or date when they will leave it. Sometimes, they may enter one day sooner for preparation and leave it sooner, too. So, this period can be different from the effective date.

Next, a short term rent agreement also requires you to include the total amount of rental as well as when it is to be paid. In this case, you also have to mention its grace period. This information must be stated clearly in this kind of rent agreement so that there is no misunderstanding between both parties.

Usually, the property owner requires a security deposit for the rental. So, the amount of the security deposit must be mentioned, too. The amount depends on the agreement reached between both parties. Besides its security deposit amount, it should also be clear when the security deposit is going to be paid.

It is also very important to state the obligations of the renter towards the rented property. It depends on the property owner. For example, the renter is responsible to take care of the property and anything included in it. Or the renter also has a responsibility to maintain it all.

If there is any other clause related to the rental agreement, you will have to mention it all in the agreement template, too. The terms & agreements must be clear so that there is no misunderstanding between them. However, if you think that everything has been stated clearly, you can skip it.

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Lastly, a short term rental agreement must be signed off by both parties. So, you have to make a space for signatures. Do not forget to add the date of signing and follow the signature with the name of each party. Once it is signed, the agreement is valid now.

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