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How to Write a Proper Situation Analysis Template

It is very important to make a marketing strategy. But before that, you it is better to learn in writing a situation analysis template. This will be a foundation of the tactics & strategies you will implement. It will show you what problems you should address & what situation you must take advantage of.

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How to Make a Situation Analysis Template

Actually, there are many models of situational analysis form you can make. But the most widely used options are SWOT analysis & 5C analysis. If you want to know more about both of them, let’s see the following explanations below.

5C analysis belongs to the most useful models of situation analysis because of the depth and breadth it provides. It identifies where your company stands currently, your competitive advantages & market opportunities you can tap.

5C stands for Company, Competitors, Customers, Collaborators and Climate. Starts from Company, you should determine where your business is currently & how you position it in the market. You can divide your busies into core products and support products.

For Competitors, you need to list the competitors & break down according to the level including primary competitors, secondary competitors, etc. Then, you can compare them to your own business by figuring out the advantages & disadvantages of each competitor.

The next is about Customers. Here, you have to define the target market. You can categorize it based on the customer behavior, power and purchasing trends. You also need to consider how your services & products measure up to the customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

The next section of 5C analysis template should be Collaborators. Collaborators are those who help to run your business. They can be your suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors and any business partner. Here, you must define the extent of your relation with collaborators.

Last, it relates to Climate. You must determine external & internal factors which affect your business. External factors may include culture, politics, economic situation, natural phenomenon, etc. Internal factors may include business partnership, manufacturing process, production rate, workforce, etc.

Besides 5C analysis, situation analysis can also be made with SWOT analysis. We are sure that you have been familiar with it. SWOT analysis requires you to identify the following points: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Strengths are positive attributes, conceptual and material, internal to your brand. It can be broken down into valuable materials, assets, organization & administration, service / product, etc. Weaknesses are factors which diminish your ability to maintain a competitive advantage.

Weaknesses can be categorized into tangible & intangible. Tangible weaknesses include limited resources, inferior location, poor packaging, etc. Intangible weaknesses include lack of special skill, lack of expertise, inferior ambiance, etc.

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Opportunities belong to external factors. They include positive perception of market, lifestyle & trend changes, etc. Threats may include governmental regulations, decline of economic value of stocks, etc. Now, decide to choose the model of the situation analysis template you will make!

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