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SOAP Note Example and Things to Know Inside It

The SOAP note is actually a document that is used in the field of medical. Something that you need to know, the SOAP note is written in order to record of treatment of a patient. Well, we may tell that the SOAP note is important, so knowing the SOAP note example is also important.

Soap Note Template 01

The template of SOAP note comes with the different structure and format. The kinds of the detail SOAP note will help you to find the most appropriate template of it. Of course, with the appropriate template of SOAP note, the purpose of this note can be reached well.

Something that you know, the SOAP is actually an acronym and it stands for:

  • S for subjective – it is the thing basically refers to everything the patient to say about the detail of issue, concern, procedures of intervention and problem
  • O for objective – the objective refers to what the health professionals have observed and the detail of the treatment or the procedures of intervention
  • A for assessment – the assessment refers to the analysis of the health care providers regarding the different kind of component
  • P for plan – the plan refers to the procedures which will be involved in order to give the best treatment of the patient

Benefits of Writing SOAP Notes

Based on the explanation as above, we may see that the detail of SOAP note is an important document for the field of medical. Well, something to know here is the benefits of the SOAP note. Well, there are some benefits of SOAP note to know, as:

  • The SOAP note could be used to serve as an important part of the treatment to the patient. This note is an official document to be added in the recorded of the patient. Then, having this note will make the patient to get the regular treatment.
  • The SOAP note could be used to serve as the evidence of your ability and skill to adhere the guidelines and practices of hospital. This note is able to use in order to inform the other physician that you could use to help the patient.
  • The SOAP note is able to use to record or documentation that the quality care has been given to the patient.

Soap Note Template 03


How to Write SOAP Notes Template?

Creating the SOAP note will be challenging. Some people say that it is complicated. However, there are some ways that you need to know in order to make the SOAP note. The ways to make a good SOAP note as guidelines are:

  • Fill the subjective component of the detail note. This matter could be written about the history of the complaint of patients
  • Write about the record of the treatment of patients. It is very important in order to decide the best treatment to give
  • Avoid asking the question which the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option. It is reasonable because this matter will not give the information as you need
  • Go to the objective section and then make the observation to the patient
  • Record and document all the assessment that you made based on the objective report

Soap Note Template 05

Well, that is all about the SOAP note. You may do some researches in order to find the nice SOAP note example.



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