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Gap analysis is analytical & strategically process to point out the gaps (missing links) in a particular procedure or document once both current & future states have been identified. In this article, we will give you a sample software gap analysis that can guide you in writing your own analysis.

Templates for Software Application Gap Analysis Sample


How to Make a Software Gap Analysis

Sometimes, this analysis is called as a needs analysis. Some others call it as need-gap analysis or needs assessment. Whatever you call it, it is very important to know about the rules and right format. Let’s see the following sample software needs analysis below.

There are some gap analysis tools you can use. One of them is SWOT analysis. It is used to identify Strengths & Weaknesses in the internal environmental and Threats & Opportunities around the external environment.

Besides that, you can also consider using Fish Bone Diagram or cause-n-effect diagram. Some others call it as Ishikawa diagram. It helps you pinpoint the particular issue’s root cause. It requires you to identify the 6Ms (Measurement, Material, Machine, Mother Nature, Man Power & Method).

There is also McKinsey 7S. This tool is really useful to perform this kind of analysis. The 7S refers to Strategy, System, Skill, Staff, Style, Structure, & Shared Value. Here, you need to highlight where the gaps exist for each section so that the company implements a solution.

The next tool is Nadler-Tushman’s Congruence Model. It is based on the principle which a company’s performance relies on the four elements of an organization, especially work, people, structure & culture.

One more, it is also a good idea to use a tool named Burke-Litwin Casual Model. It relates to individual need & value, system & policy, organizational culture, individual & organizational performance, motivation, work unit climate, management practice, leadership, etc.

In writing a software gap analysis sample, there are some elements to be included. The first is current state. Here, you have to take a look closer at where you are currently. It must list the characteristics and processes you seek to improve on.

The second is future state. It is a target condition your business hopes to obtain. It aims to boost general terms in a period of time. For example is a striving for more inclusive culture in a workplace to get the better analysis of problem solving.

The next element to be included is gap description where it should point out if there is a gap between the current & future state of the organization. In this section, the column must outline what comprises the gap along with the various factors which contribute to it.

The last element to be provided should be next steps & proposals. In the final column, you must list all possible solution which can be implemented to fill the gap between the 2 states. It must be specific and consists of active & compelling terms.

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That is all about the sample software gap analysis. Hopefully this can be a good reference for you all. Now, it is time for you to make a gap analysis for your own business. Do not forget to include all the elements discussed above.

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