Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Special education teacher resume sample is the best idea for you who love to help other people with disabilities cope with learning the challenges. However, this one needs to choose the special person because the company will strict to review this job.

Besides, you will get big plus if you have licensed for this qualification because this job needs expertise. Besides, the applicant tends to focus for hard skills in this job. Besides, working with challenged people also will not be easy so that you should have the right attributes.

Furthermore, if you do not sure whether you can do it or not, it is important for you to write the best resume for this job. In this one, you will get the way how to write the best resume and how you can show your skills that will interest the readers very much.

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Paul Edward

2245 Princeton Street, Dearborn, MI Phone (303) 878 98976


Experiences                                       Special Education Teacher, Dearborn Special Education Center, Dearborn

05/ 2016 – present

  • Faithfully collaborates with tutors involved in general education classes such as helping in evaluating and assessing learning the abilities and disabilities for group
  • Inspires and maintains a growing mindset by regularly appealing people such as nurturing an environment of learning, sharing, and reflection
  • Take part actively with IEP group to design, implement IEP goals, and enhance the IEP getting better
  • Does assessment on verbal and non-verbal communication skills and recommended effective interference techniques to address situation.
  • Demeanors frequently and audits to assess the performance and success of IEP to convey on anticipated outcomes

Special education teacher, Lansing Center for Children with Special Needs, Dearborn, MI

03/ 2012 – 01/ 2016

  • Seen with parent regularly and professional staff group to deliberate the educational, social and also personal concerns of the student with the special needs
  • Enhanced, designed, and also implemented individualized and member behavioral management programs to introduce reasonable safety precaution.
  • Arranged IEPs for Student in agreement with the local state procedures and personalize to student needs
  • Managed the attending records and other documents connected to the special education program suitable with the local state legislature
  • Offered the students with personal and physical desires such as toileting, feeding, and also the correct administration of medicine

Special Education Teacher, Brentwood Dearborn, MI

09/ 2008 – 01/ 2012

  • Offer regular consultation sessions for teacher, faculty, and parents on addressing
  • Showed the assessment of student in both individualization and schoolroom setting for the resolve of creating effective IEPs
  • Helped the school in designing IEPs that followed strictly with the requirement of the state of Michigan
  • Helped the teacher who lead the general tutoring classes for student with special needs

Education                                            University of Michigan

Bachelor Degree in Psychology


  • Patient and excellent in communication
  • Able to identify the visual cues and physical movement of the students
  • Having great interpersonal skills
  • Having more than 8 years of experience in the field of special Education
  • Skilled and knowledgeable in preparing Individualized Educational Programs (IEP)
  • Creative and understanding
  • Great people skills that is able to communicate with special student


Special Education Teacher Resume Sample


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