Staff Confidentiality Agreement Template Sample

Step by Step How to Create a Staff Confidentiality Agreement

Staff confidentiality agreement can be defined as an agreement which prevents the staff from revealing confidential info about a business. It is also well known as a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement cannot be broad. It should list the specific info the staffs are not let to disclose.

Confidentiality agreement contract sample


How to Write a Staff Confidentiality Agreement

An employee confidentiality agreement may vary. However, it has the same standard format. It requires some parts that contain the following information. First of all, this agreement will have to define the parties involved in it. In fact, there are 2 persons who are involved in this agreement.

The first is you as the disclosing party whereas the second one is employee as the receiving party. Besides mentioning the name of each party, you have to ask the employee to sign & date this agreement. These details belong to the must have requirement to make this agreement valid.

Secondly, what you will need to include in this agreement is the confidential information. For your information, this agreement should be narrow. So, cannot try making every little thing confidential. If you do that, you have to know, the consequence is that this agreement will be invalid then.

Therefore, you should exactly list the classified information. After that, you can discuss if the confidential information belongs to written or verbal communication. It must be stated as detailed & clear as possible in the staff confidentiality agreement template you would like you create.

What you need to include is not only the confidential information but also non confidential information. Any information which is not considered confidential should be mentioned completely. For example, this agreement is not able to cover public knowledge info or any info already known by employees.

Then, the agreement should also inform when it goes into effect as well as how long it is for. Usually, this agreement goes into effect when it is signed off by the employee. For the duration, it must be specific how long this agreement will last. Generally, it will continue between 2 to 5 years.

Next, it is also important to state the consequence of breaking agreement. Sometimes, there is a case that makes the employee breaks this agreement. If it happens, the consequences must be clear. Therefore, you have to include the terms related to this case as detailed & clear as possible in it.

There are many examples of breaking agreement. One of the most common cases is that the employee shares the confidential information. If he or she does not keep the confidential information secret, he or she may get penalties. The worst consequence is that the employee will be forced to the court.

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A staff confidentiality agreement can be unilateral or mutual. Anyway, this agreement will be valid if only the employee sign off the document. The signature must be handwritten. If you need to write it, you can find the template samples on internet easily. Most of them are downloadable & even editable.

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