3+ Sample Staff Schedule Template

An office must have staff schedule so that all staffs can work based on the proper schedule. It is not easy to create a staff schedule template. You have to know the rules well. In this article, we will give you guidelines in creating it.

Template Staff Schedule Sample


Tips to Make a Staff Schedule Template

There are some common mistakes in creating a work schedule template. There are double scheduling employees, scheduling wrong position, and under / over scheduling employees. Therefore, you need to consider the following useful tips.

First of all, you have to know well about your team. Basically, you must know about your employees’ names, certifications, relevant skills, part time / full time status, overtime restrictions, personality type, and also other notes such as meticulous, efficient, etc.

Template Staff Task Schedule Sample

Besides, you are also required to build shifts around best employees. Best employees can be considered from the experience, efficiency, and the whole performance. Anyway, you can ensure the employees most suited to the shift.

Then, it is also important to build a method of team-wide communication. As we know, communication is very vital in business. Therefore, you have to make sure that your employees have good communication each other. For example, you can create a group of WhatsApp.

Next, you also should get out the schedule quickly. It is better to finalize & distribute the schedule a week or 2 weeks before the current schedule. So, the employees will have much time to schedule personal commitments, find a substitute, change shifts, or talk to you about their shifting schedule.

You also need to honor the work preference & time-off request as much as possible. In fact, it can build goodwill, increase employees’ satisfaction and even help you retain the good workers. In addition, this will also cut down the time of scheduling process effectively.

Creating a work staff schedule template also requires you to get the employees to do some of the work scheduling. It is a good idea to schedule one or two best employees for every shift. So, all of your staffs will be able to work best.

Sometimes, an employee needs to change his or her shift. As a good manager, you have to allow your employee to find the substitute. That is why you have to distribute the schedule as soon as possible after you finish making the schedule.

You may also need to make an availability chart. When an employee cannot find a substitute, this will be useful. You need to ask your employees to write their free time and those free times should not be scheduled. So, you can call them anytime you need.

Having backups is very important. However, sometimes plan B is not enough. So, you still need to make plan C. The more backups you plan, the better it will be. It will minimize the problems that can unexpectedly happen.

After you understand the tips above, now it is time for you to practice creating a staff schedule template. It may take a lot of time. It is a good idea if you involve your employees when making the schedule.


Template Training Staff Schedule Sample

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