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Studying belongs to the most important factors of academic success. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the right time for studying. Creating a study schedule template can be a good solution. This will help you plan your time for studying, playing, and other activities wisely.

Template Study Schedule in Word Doc Sample


How to Write a Study Schedule Template

There are some steps that you need to follow in making a studying schedule template. First of all, you need to make short-term & long-term goals. For example, your short-term goal is to finish a paper in 2 weeks and your long-term goal is to get a college & win a scholarship.

Template Weekly Study Schedule Format Sample

Besides that, you have to list all subjects you should study. Here, you can put your obligations on a paper. It will help you get an idea of what you have to do. If you have exams, you can list them instead of course. If there is no example, you are allowed to list courses.

Then, you also have to figure out what to do for each exam or subject. If there is homework, you should prioritize doing your homework instead of reading the book. If there is an example, you can read book, try answering some tests, and others.

After you make the list of exam and subject to study, you have to figure out what to prioritize. We all know that there are many subjects to study. However, you have to know what you should prioritize. Here, you have to schedule the time for trying exam, doing homework, reading books, etc.

Creating a study planner template also requires you to divide your free or available time for studying. You have to dedicate a few specific times for studying during the week. For example, you can do homework at 03.00 to 04.00 p.m. and read books & try tests at 07.00 to 08.30 p.m.

Besides scheduling your time for studying, you also need to schedule your time for other activities including non-academic activities. For example, you should schedule your time for sleeping, doing exercise, going out with friends, feeding pets, etc.

Lastly, you should fill in the study blocks. Here, you need to write down what subject you will study in each session. It will help you keep your study on track, make checkpoints for the studying materials and also let you organize the textbooks & studying materials ahead of time.

To make your study schedule, you have to access the current schedule first. From your current schedule, you will know what schedule you need to change. You also have to determine how long you need to study in a week. Make sure that your schedule is proper to your availability time.

In creating a study schedule template, you also need to understand about your learning style. You can ask yourself whether you are a visual learner or an auditory learner. This is very important to plan the most effective way in studying. So, your study schedule will work well as its function.


Template Blank Study Schedule Word Format Sample

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