2+ SWOT Analysis Chart Sample Template

How to Write a Sample SWOT Analysis Chart Template

Mostly, SWOT analysis is made in the format of chart because it is easy to understand. This analysis is made after you analyze the factors and design the SWOT analysis creatively based on what you like. Therefore, in this article we will give you a sample SWOT analysis chart.

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How to Make a SWOT Analysis Chart

If you want to know how to write a SWOT analysis chart template, you have to know the right format. There are some steps that you need to do. They include building an objective, designing a square grid, labeling each box, adding your SWOTs and making final conclusion.

Let’s see the step one by one. The first step is to build an objective. Make sure that you have an objective. It explains the reason why you make this kind of analysis & what you want to find out. You also need to present a title. Therefore, it gives a gist of what to convey.

After building an objective, the second step is to design a square grid. It is very important to design a grid which is in a square shape. This square grid must be divided into our equal propositions. It will make your sheet appear neat and legible.

This will be very useful to help you understand what exactly you need to improve the growth of your business. The design of the square grid depends on your desire. So, make sure that it is as interesting as possible so that the readers will pay attention to it.

The next step in writing a SWOT analysis chart is to label each box. After you divide the square grid into 4 equal portions, you need to label each of them. The 4 boxes must be labeled rightly. One box is for Strengths, one is for Weaknesses, one is for Opportunities and another one is for Threats.

From those 4 boxes, you have to understand which include external factors and which include internal factors. You may use various examples to check on the graph of your company and check on all employees.

Next, what you need to do is to add the SWOTs. After labeling each box, you need to add in the content accordingly based on each section. You should add appropriate details in every box and bullet them. Therefore, this analysis will really appear neat, readable and also understandable.

Here, you should be creative. For example, you can consider using various ideas, methods & colors. Then, the boxes will appear different from one to another. Make sure that you analyze each aspect excellently. So, this analysis will be effective to improve your business and company.

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Lastly, a sample SWOT analysis chart requires a final conclusion. You have to write a final conclusion from what you understand from this analysis. In this conclusion, you can write both positive & negative outcomes. You can also state whether you reach your goal or not. Keep it simple and clear.

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