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When applying for jobs, attaching a resume is certainly a sure thing. It is no exception if you are looking to apply for a job as a teacher. Like most resumes, a teaching resume also contains personal identity, educational history, employment history, and skills. To make a better impression on potential employers, you have to make a good teacher resume; Take note of the following elements when creating a teacher resume:

Resume Teacher psd templates

Include all of the following information

Just like other resumes, the teacher resume also contains the basic elements that identify a job applicant, namely the full name and contact information. Include education, teaching experience, teaching skills, accomplishments, certifications, and awards in your resume.

Here are the steps to make a resume:

Study teacher resume examples

You can study examples of teacher resumes. Now, you can easily get it online. Pay attention to the writing style and imitate, of course not word-for-word but only the writing style.

Resume Teacher psd

Here are general resume writing tips that you can use:

Use strong action words to describe your experience such as “organized” or “created” to show that you were the one who initiated it.

Focus on achievement while being a teacher. Since the main duties of a teacher are more or less the same even if you teach at different schools, you can attach your achievements during your tenure as a teacher in each school so that your resume is unique.

Resume Teacher templates psd

Choose a teacher resume template

There are several templates and teacher resume formats that you can choose as a guideline for making your teacher resume. Make sure that whatever template you choose, it has clean headers and good typography. Do not choose a template that is too complex because it is difficult to understand. We provide free templates for the purposes of making teacher resumes, for example:

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  • Free Graduate Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Experienced Kindergarten Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Music Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Nursery Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Professional Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Art Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Languange Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Printable Teacher CV Templates
  • Free Professional Teacher Resume Templates
  • Free Sample Teacher Resume Templates

Resume Teacher templates for photoshop

Use strong objectives to describe your qualifications as a teacher

Write down relevant experiences

Write down your relevant teaching experiences in the experience section of your resume. To make it unique from other resumes, don’t forget to mention your major accomplishments for each position you’ve held.

Resume Teacher psd templates

Make your teacher resume as specific as possible

In order to be different from other teacher candidates, include the achievements and assignments of each position you have held, especially, if you can include achievement statistics that relate to your success in teaching a class.

Resume Teacher in photoshop

Read over your resume before giving it to potential employers

Proofread the resume that you have made, especially grammar, spelling, and format before submitting it to the agency where you are applying for the job. You don’t want your resume to look sloppy and cluttered.

Resume Teacher customizable psd design templates

Resume Teacher example psd design

Teacher Resume Example

Resume Teacher in photoshop

Resume Teacher in psd design

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