Technician HVAC Resume Sample

Technician HVAC resume sample can be a reference for those who want to write a sample in joining a new company. As we know, a resume becomes the first document that should be written as the consideration in order to get the new better job. Well, by using a resume, a candidate is able to show their personal identity and makes the recruiter knows who they are. In other hand, a resume is also nice in order to show the skills, experiences and achievements of the candidate. With those three matter, a candidate is able to claim their-self as the potential candidate to be recruited. In this occasion, we will show you a sample of a resume, so you could know want to include inside it.

Sample of Technician HVAC Resume

Diego Ortiz

66582 Tremblay Ferry, Los Angeles, CA. Phone: +1 (555) 881 6671


HVAC/R Technician ND Shift

Houston, TX

03/2014 – present

  • Analyzing and resolving the problem of working
  • Assisting the workers in solving the problem during the working hours
  • Responding and providing the service and feedback to the customer on the all work orders while assuring the codes of compliance, regulations and the standards of industry
  • Operating a various equipment such as the hand tool, the computer of laptop and diagnostic the hardware to perform kinds of work
  • Recommending the kinds of activities in order to improve the methods of maintenance and the performance of equipment
  • Doing the other duties when it is assigned by the supervisor and manager
  • Operating various measuring, diagnostic and testing the instruments in order to help providing the solution of energy efficiency
  • Performing the preventive and corrective maintenance to the wide variety of the facility related the equipment

HVAC Field Service Technician

Detroit, MI

11/2007 – 11/2013

  • Conducting the application of warranty service
  • Independently inspecting and testing the system in order to verify the functionally of all CAT I, II and III equipment
  • Performing the startups
  • Educating the customers in order to use the proper equipment, maintenance based on schedule and doing the manual operation
  • Leading the rebuild and the retrofit of a CAT I, II and III level unit
  • Directing the level I and II of technician using the hands-on demonstration of the necessary steps
  • Introducing the rebuilds of centrifugal
  • Wearing the equipment of the personal protective when completing the tasks of service
  • Completing the jobsite hazard assessment prior to initiate the service
  • Adhering to the Mc Quay and policies of customer safety and guideline of OSHA
  • Demonstrating the professionalism in appearance, verbal and written communication
  • Interacting with the customer by offering the status reports of service


State University of Washington

Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic



  • Strong mechanical skill
  • Strong skill in electronic
  • Strong skill in automation –TAC and the Andover
  • Strong skills in welding
  • Excellent communication skill both in oral and written
  • Able to work to the office and the shop floor environment
  • Able to work start from Monday to Friday with total 40 hours working a week
  • Demonstrating the ability of problem solving
  • Able to work under pressure and with the limited deadline
  • High attention to detail


Technician HVAC Resume Sample

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