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Teeth Chart and Timelines Template

Teeth Chart is list of date that record the baby’s teeth growing condition. This chart is popular among parents. This chart can be used to track about the first date of the very first teeth come in to the last date.

baby teeth chart 18

In this chart, any update of the baby’s teeth condition will be recorded including the temporary teeth to the permanent teeth. This file can help parents to track about the baby’s teeth condition, the growing up length and the time when the possibility of the incisive teeth.

The Designs of the Teeth Chart

There are countless designs of these teeth that are drawn impressively. One of the basic image posters is the chart document that shows about the baby’s picture and the baby’s mouth and teeth detail. Usually, there are some pictures with the detail of the baby’s age.

baby teeth chart 19

It is counted regularly from 7 – 9 month, 10 – 12 month, 12 – 16 month, 16 – 20 month, to 24 month – 30 month, or more than 2 years. Each of the month’s levels shows about the baby and the teeth’s baby image. It shows the progression of the growing teeth.

This helps parents recognize about the growing up of the teeth. This Teeth Chart template is important and very helpful as parents can predict the time when the baby needs to get a medical check-up. It also helps them to overcome the problem that may happen in the future.

Teeth Charts Poster Designs

There is different design image of the teeth poster. This sample shows about the structure of the teeth. Usually, there will be two images of the structure. The construction is divided into the baby’s one and the adult one.

The baby’s month lists last from 6 – 10 months, 10 – 16 months, 16 – 23 months, to 23 – 33 months. Meanwhile, the post baby teeth start from 6 – 8 years, 7 – 9 years, 9 – 12 years, 11 – 13 years, to 17 – 21 years. Usually, the color will be different.

baby teeth chart 27

Each of the structure will have description. The primary and the permanent type will have different description that is written next to the image. Other image of the poster that you may see is the detail of upper and lower teeth.

Each of the side has detail information that may help you recognizing about the development. Gaining information about this topic will help parents to handle the baby’s progression. It also helps parents to control the baby’s health.

You can predict about when the baby is starting to gnawing, biting or numbing. This Teeth Chart sample helps you to handle the problem that the baby may experience. The parents will also know how to manage the pain if the baby feels it especially when teeth start growing.

Parents can message the baby’s gums slowly and lovingly with clean finger. Parents can understand about the progressive of the grow chart like the incisors, the 8 teeth that firstly coming, and the canines, or the teeth use for tear up food.

Next type of teeth the baby will have is the temporary molars that help to gnaw, chew, and grind the food. Then, the permanent molars will appear. The growing and the development of the Teeth Chart can successfully help parents to know and understand about the baby’s teeth condition.



baby teeth chart 28 baby teeth chart 30 baby teeth chart 31 baby teeth chart 31 1 baby teeth chart 34

baby teeth chart 34 1
Fun chart for recording the dates that your baby’s teeth come in. Also suggests which teeth to expect next.

baby teeth chart 38 baby teeth chart 38 1

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