Tenant Lease Termination and the Sample Letter

As a student who moves out of their comfort zone by living alone in a boarding house or even an apartment, living this life must be quite difficult to keep up. The best place that a student could afford might be a boarding house and only some can afford a fine flat or an apartment. That is why it is of the essence for them to maintain a good habit of cleaning to not have their place terminated just because they could not take care of the landlord’s property. If it comes to that, you will have to hand the landlord a tenant lease termination for any wrong action on the property.

150.Tenant Lease Termination

What is a Tenant Lease Termination?

A tenant lease termination is a letter rendered to the tenant written by the landlord. This notice might come to your front door if there are any violations to the contract of the lease. Such a violation could have you pay the rent in double or other penalties that are irritating to your well-being. Normally, a tenant should send this notice 30 days before the completion of the contract.

What is The Difference between Termination and Eviction?

A termination like a tenant lease termination is unquestionably different than an eviction. While termination is a process by the landlord to terminate a tenant lease and ask them to vacate the rental unit, an eviction is the genuine process of a court that will have the tenant to leave if they are reluctant to do so.

Requirements in Writing a Compelling Tenant Lease Termination

If you wish to do whatever it takes to complete your tenant lease termination, you do not need to be ashamed by learning a handful of tips down below that will help your need.

  • State your names, and the landlord’s name
  • Put your exact date of leaving
  • Mention the reason for your termination
  • Express your gratitude for living there

The Sample of a Tenant Lease Termination

There will be so much noise when you start packing your stuff to get the property ready for other tenants. Certainly, that will confuse you a lot let alone writing a tenant lease termination. Luckily, you can try to look at the below sample to have a crystal comprehension of how the order should be.

Dear Mr. Brad,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be taking my leave from this property as of 14th February 2022. Please let this letter be my 60 day-notice for my lease termination. I respectfully honor your hospitality in bonding a friendly relationship between the tenant and the landlord.

Also, I adore your way of maintaining this property to a proper level for a living place. All utilities are all checked and placed in order with top condition. It will be such a violation for me to break any tools or stuff you have sincerely maintained. Right now, I will try to pack up my stuff after I am done with my exam on 31st December 2021. If you would be so kind, I would love for you to arrange my inspection day on 10th February 2021 so that I will have a more flexible time to get everything set up.

Thank you for all these long years of keeping me as a tenant. As a college student, there is nothing happier than to get a comfortable living place.

Thank you for your time

Best Regards,


Alex James

If you follow the above tips, you should be up and running for the letter that comes for you.

As for a tenant lease termination, it will be useful for you to write that type of letter whenever you want to put an end to your lease.


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