Use Termination Letter for Insubordination for Intolerable Violations

Violations related to various company rules sometimes cannot be tolerated again. Severe offenses will cause the company’s performance to deteriorate, coupled with multiple internal problems that further aggravate the atmosphere. Suppose you are in charge of supervising the company’s employees and find a severe violation. In that case, a firm crackdown in dismissal is the best step to provide comfort to other employees. Use termination letter for insubordination for termination of employment contract accompanied by disobedience.

156. Use Termination Letter for Insubordination for Intolerable Violations

How do you terminate an employee for insubordination?

Before making a termination letter for insubordination, of course, you must ensure that he/she has committed an intolerable violation and violated company rules. You also need strong evidence to support dismissal and avoid losing appeals. In some companies, insubordination can be tolerated by warning letters or transferring existing areas of duty.

How to write a termination letter for insubordination?

As in most letters, termination letters for insubordination can be written in formal and easy-to-understand language, actual dates, and additional instructions. The difference is, in this type of letter, you need to list the date of the violation, evidence of violations, the date of commendation of dismissal, and a variety of other important information, including about the status of salary and severance money.

A perfect sample that you can use

You can use our simple example of making it very easy. Feel free to copy and change it to suit your conditions.

Dear Mrs. Alicia

Through this letter, we, on behalf of the company’s managerial, inform you that effective January 1, 2021, a contract of employment with AAA Inc. officially ended, and you were forced to be fired. This work stoppage is not an arbitrary termination, given that there have been some violations that you have committed, and we cannot tolerate that again. We have the actual evidence, and it is the reason for your dismissal.

Referring to other employees’ testimony and CCTV evidence, on July 7, 2020, you have physically abused a janitor in a 23rd-floor corridor. On such violations, we can still forgive you because you promised not to repeat them. On December 15, 2020, you again committed a mistake and a serious offense by hitting your division partner and using an insulting word to scold him. We are open to defending the victim, but the evidence says that the crime was purely a mistake.

This is an outrageous offense, and we cannot re-tolerate your insults. We apply a culture of professionalism and the absence of pressure, even violence in the work environment. We feel that you do not have strong professionalism and integrity in working in our company. This is why we immediately terminate your employment contract even if it has not reached the applicable contract date.

The next day, you can meet the human resources directors by returning all the existing office properties and taking the remaining salary. Thank you!

Best Regards

Antonio J. Jordan

There are some brief reviews on how to make a termination letter for insubordination very quickly and easily. Use the example above for your purposes, and feel free to modify it.


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