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How to Make Timeline Template Quick for Project Managers and Planners

Being involved in projects puts you to work on deadline. Without having deadline to protect, you won’t get the job done in time. If you don’t want to miss the deadline, why don’t you use timeline template then? It is just perfect for project managers and planners. Surely, you can guess yourself.

Timeline Template 01

To put it simply, the template is meant to tell you the things that are being done, the ones that have been done, and the ones that are left to be done. If it is that useful to keep us on the track, how do we make one then. Now, let’s see.

Step 1 Timeline Template to Make

First things first, what you need to do is to determine the objective. Some sort of goal has to be set for the timeline to achieve. Depending on that, you can decide whether or not you will need to cram the timeline with details. Class project for example, wouldn’t be necessary to get much detail, right?

Timeline Template 02.

However, it won’t be the same with bigger project, like the ones done by business companies. For that, you need to put lots of thought into its planning. Timeline objective will keep you focus on what has to be achieved in the final.

Step 2 Timeline Template to Make

After that, you will have to write down the important information related to the plan. Begin by creating text file. Then, add all the events in the timeline. If there is one thing you need to watch out, it would be to finalize the events beforehand. Don’t think of that once the timeline has been made.

Timeline Template 16

It would be quite handful if you need to make change when the timeline has already been designed. Once you write the events down, do share them with other people involved. Ask for their feedback so you know what to be added in.

Step 3 Timeline Template to Make

Now that you know what to write in the timeline, you need to decide what template to use next. There are many template designs to choose one from. Some might focus more on the visuals. Some others might be more technical. There is no right and wrong when it comes to choice of templates.

Timeline Template 17

Every one of them suits for different things. You just need to have understanding of the project you are doing and make the right choice of the template to plan the timeline for it. Things will be way more efficient and effective this way.

Step 4 Timeline Template to Make

You can use pictures too, you know. To begin with, timeline is visual tool. Sometimes, pictures can convey better than words. Besides being easier to read the template, the pictures will make the template look better too. It is more attractive to look at words and pictures than words only, right?

Timeline Template 22

You don’t need to think hard when choosing the picture. Just look for ones that have the same message for the project. Then, insert them in the appropriate place and you are done with that. Timeline template can be made that way.


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