10+ Training Quotation Sample Template

Writing a Training Quotation Template in 5 Steps

If you are a service provider that is able to supply business training requirements, you will need to be able to create a training quotation. The quotation must be able to showcase your offers of training fully. So, many employees will be sure that you can meet their needs to upgrade their skills & professionalism.

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How to Write a Training Quotation

For your information, training quotation template can be defined as a document which is able to present the bid of supplier for a program or project of training. Writing this kind of quotation requires you to follow these steps below.

Before you begin to write the quotation, you have to know the business training needs first. Here, you have to make sure that you have request from employees for this quotation. You may need to review the latter documents so that you can supply what your target clients are looking for.

After you know well about the business training needs, what you have to do now is to choose the appropriate template. Make sure that you use a template that comes with impressive format for the quotation. In this case, you also need to know the basic elements included in the quotation template.

In fact, there are 3 basic parts in this quotation. The first is header at the top part. It contains the details of your company or business. The second is body of discussion that contains what you offer and the costs. The last one is term & condition at the last part.

You have to be as informative as possible when you write the body of discussion. In this section, you have to clearly indicate how you can help them. So, this part should be able to convince them that your business can meet their needs.

In this training quote template, you need to list down the training services offered and also the materials provided. The training services & materials must be based on the requests and demands of your clients or customers. So, you can really help them with your best products or services.

After you list down the training services & materials you provide, now you need to specify the costs of your training services. So, besides listing the services, you also need to include the cost or price for each service. If you also provide certain products, you should include the price of each product, too.

In this case, you can specify it for labor provision and hourly rates of your training services. Here, you have to be clear to list down the details of pricing. Therefore, you will be able to compute the total amount in your training quotation accurately.


Quotation for Training Simple Training Quotation Training Quotation Example Training Quotation In PDF Formal Training Quotation Printable Training Quotation

In the last part, you have to provide the terms & conditions of the training quotation. It aims to protect your business so that the clients must apply and follow the terms & conditions especially in making transaction. Now, you can make your own quotation for your business.

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