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5 Simple Steps in Writing a Travel Agency Quote

Travel agency quote is a document which consists of formal statements that a travel agent provides particular tour or trip to the customers at specific prices & for specific periods of time. This quote may also include terms & conditions of a contract as well as the details of payment.

Professional Travel Agency Quote Template


How to Write a Travel Agency Quote

Since it is a legal document, you need to be able to provide a reliable travel agent quote template to your customers. We summarize 5 basic steps that you need to follow in writing this kind of quote. First of all, you have to mention the identity of the travel agency.

You can start it with your travel agency’s name. To provide the name, you may need to decide the size, font, color and style that make it eye catching. If it is eye catching, your potential customers will recognize your travel agency easily and be interested more.

After providing the name of your travel agency, the second step that you have to do is to provide the address as well as contact details of your travel agency. Make sure that you write your travel agency’s address as clear and detailed as possible so that your customers can access your office easily.

For the contact details, you need to include the needed information. For example, you can begin with phone number. Besides that, you may also need to include email address. If your business has an official website, you can also include it. Other contact details may include fax number, toll-free number, etc.

The next step in writing a travel agency quotation is to describe the services & their expenses in detail. To show that you are a professional travel agent, you need to describe what services you offer clearly. Not only about the services, but you also should mention the costs in detail.

You have to be careful and complete when including the costs. Sometimes, there are some hidden costs often missed. For example, you cannot forget including taxes, additional fees, etc. With detailed description of cost, it avoids misunderstanding from the customers.

In the fourth step, we remember you that you cannot fall to mention the terms & conditions. This part is very essential in this quote template. Therefore, it is a good idea if you mention the terms & conditions point by point clearly so that your customers can understand it easily.

Here, you have to make sure that you do not miss any point to be mentioned in this quotation. If you miss any important point related to terms & conditions, it will make your customers confused. It can also cause misunderstanding between the 2 parties.

Sample Travel Agency Quote Template Elegant Travel Agency Quote Template

For the last step, a travel agency quote must provide clear information about the payment method. It must be clear so that your customer can make payment easily. You can list down the acceptable payment for the transaction. If you have understood all, now you can practice writing your own quote.

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