Trustee Resignation Letter and The Sample

When you intend to leave your position as the board trustee, you need to write a graceful and professional resignation letter as usual. No matter what the reason is, whether it is due to your health, moving out somewhere, or any other personal and unfavorable experience, you have to write the resignation letter formally and gracefully and do not write it based on your emotional side.

Artikel 130. Trustee Resignation Letter and The Sample

What is The Trustee Resignation Letter?

A trustee resignation letter is a formal document that is used to notify the recipient that you will leave your position as the board trustee. The cause for your resignation could be for some reasons, and you have to mention or even explain your reason to the recipient. The letter also should be written formally and gracefully, and use a positive tone no matter how unfavorable the experience or the circumstances was.

What Are The Tips in Writing A Trustee Resignation Letter?

To write a formal and proper trustee resignation letter, you can follow some tips that we provide here, which also hopefully, can help you in organizing the main points in the letter, here they are:

  • The resignation letter should be written using a formal choice of words
  • The tone that you use in a resignation letter should be a positive one
  • You should write your resignation letter concisely, but still do not forget the main point that should be included in the letter, which is your intention in writing a letter and your reason for leaving your job
  • No matter how unpleasant or unfavorable the circumstances of your working place was, never write your resignation letter negatively, you cannot take hard feeling and input negative emotion the letter
  • Write a salutation and the closing politely
  • Do not forget to say thank you and appreciate your time during working in the company

The Sample of Trustee Resignation Letter

If you are still a bit confused and need some ideas in drafting your resignation letter, you can take a look at this example that hopefully, can help you in composing the words in the letter.

This is the sample.

Dear Mr. Gerald,

It is with regret that I need to inform you about my decision to resign from the board of trustees for the Birmingham Art Museum. I am handing this resignation due to my focus on continuing my master’s degree. It is a blessing that I am given the offer to continue my study, but the university schedule is also so tight and busy, that I even lack spare time to do anything including keep joining this community so that unfortunately I should take a step back from the board trustee.

I had a great time and gain uncountable valuable experience and lessons working with the team members at the Birmingham Art Museum, so it is such a hard decision for me to leave this great team. I hope every one of you will succeed in the future.  

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to join this community. If you need to ask further questions or information regarding my resignation, please contact me at any time at 989-3333-2222. Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity and your understanding.




Bella Edward


That is all about the trustee resignation letter that hopefully, can guide you in composing a proper trustee resignation letter. No matter what the reason for your resignation is, the letter should be written gracefully and professionally.



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