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Twitch is the name of a live streaming platform that was released on June 6, 2011. Twitch Interactive is a subsidiary of Amazon, a large company that was originally engaged in delivery services but has now expanded into other fields, such as e-commerce and entertainment service providers. .

twitch banner in psd design

The Twitch.tv site is a streaming site that puts more emphasis on live streaming video games. Unlike its predecessor streaming platform, Justin.tv, which is more into general-interest streams. Twitch is becoming more and more popular these days, being known as a place to broadcast e-sports matches, and expanding to broadcast related music, creative content, and “In real life” streams. All content can be enjoyed in person or on-demand.

twitch banner psd templates

People who use the Twitch platform for live streams are referred to as streamers. To become a popular streamer, you must have a gimmick that has a potential market share. Even so, you don’t have to “act” to be someone else to be famous. Just find out your strengths and uniqueness compared to other streamers. Choose a video game genre that you like, and then decide whether you want to be a streamer who focuses on gaming skills or personality. You also need to have distinguished branding in the form of attractive channel appearance. Your channel name, subscription notification, profile banner, and banner when you are online or offline must reflect your brand. This time, we present free customizable Twitch banner templates that you can download and modify for free using the graphic processing software you already has.


What SHOULD be in a Twitch banner template?

· Size that fits Twitch criteria

The recommended Twitch banner sizes are 1200 x 380 pixels for offline notification banners and 1920 x 1080 pixels for offline banners.

twitch banner psd

· Has clear elements that are easy to modify

A Twitch banner should at least have background, text, and graphic elements. All three should be clear and easy to modify. The elements of your Twitch banner are suggested according to the brand that you want to popularize with the public. For example, if you are an RPG game streamer, you can use landscape backgrounds from games that you frequently stream to the public, for example Final Fantasy. Then, you can use a font that is similar to the font used by Final Fantasy titles. The same with the supporting image. You can put the mascot of your favorite game or character you like the most as supporting image.

twitch banner templates psd

What SHOULD NOT be in a Twitch banner template?

· Too much information

Banners to be easy to read need to have solid information. You do not have to put all your information on your Twitch banner. For offline notification banners, all you have to do is enter the phrase “I’m offline”. If necessary, you can add a description of your streaming schedule. As for the banner profile, you can enter your social media contacts such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. No need to enter unnecessary details such as a donation or subscription link. Both of them are best placed in the profile section of your Twitch page.

twitch banner templates for photoshop twitch banner psd templates

Twitch Banner Design Ideas

twitch banner customizable psd design templates twitch banner example psd design

Twitch Banner Ideas

twitch banner in photoshop twitch banner in photoshop

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