5+ Vehicle Purchase Agreement Templates Sample

Tips & Guides How to Create Vehicle Purchase Agreement Templates

Vehicle purchase agreement is a sales agreement made between the seller & the buyer. This is also well known as a vehicle sales agreement. Sometimes, this agreement is used in finalizing a car sale. It is very important to understand it. So, let’s see the following vehicle purchase agreement templates.

How to Make a Vehicle Purchase Agreement Template

If you want to write a vehicle sales agreement template, make sure that it includes the following details. First of all, you have to provide the details of both seller & buyer. In this section, what you will need to provide are their names, addresses and also required contact information.

After the details of the parties, what you should provide is the date. It is the specified & exact date of the purchase or the sale. Make sure that the date is complete including the date, month and also year. It is a very important part so that you cannot skip it.

Sample Vehicle Purchase Agreement

Then, what you have to provide next is sales & pricing information. It is the total cost when purchasing the vehicle. This part can be broken down into 2 kinds of pricing. The first is the vehicle’s sales price whereas the second is the price of added features or customization.

The next part that is very important in this agreement is related to the financing terms. This section may include the loan interest rate, total cost of the financing terms, the length of the payment period, the trade-in value and also total amount paid for the down payment.

Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement

The car purchase agreement template should also describe the vehicle itself. There are some basic descriptions to be stated in the agreement. You may need to describe the vehicle’s make, year, model, color, and any other required description.

Besides those basic descriptions, it is also very important to state the vehicle identification number (VIN). Not only that, but the description should also include the mileage achieved with the exact date, year and time. If there is still any other important info to be stated, you cannot miss to include it.

After you include all the parts and details above, make sure that there is no mistake and error. Therefore, you may need to review and check it again wholly. So, if you find any mistake or error, you still have a time to revise or edit it before you print it out.

Lastly, you have to make sure that the agreement is signed off by both parties. Signatures are very vital to make it valid so that it cannot be skipped. The signatures must be handwritten and official, followed with their full legal names underneath. Do not forget to add the date of signing.


You can find so many samples of vehicle purchase agreement templates. For example, there is a purchase agreement for military surplus vehicle, a vehicle loan-private purchase agreement, a vehicle security purchase & service agreement, and there are still many other samples of this agreement.

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