Visa Application Letter and The Sample

When you will travel or visit another country for some specific reason, you will probably need a visa application letter to inform the consulate about your identity, the destination and the length of your stay, and also the purpose of your visit.

Artikel 174. Visa Application Letter and The Sample

What is the Visa Application Letter?

A visa application letter is an important document that is required when you will visit other countries for some specific reason. Sometimes it is needed to inform the consulate about your purpose of visiting their country, whether for a business trip, vacation, visiting family, joining short courses, or any other reason.

What Should I Include in Visa Application Letter?

To write a visa application letter, there are things that you should state or include in the letter, such as:

  • The name of the applicant or the sponsoring company
  • The purpose of the applicant’s travel
  • Length of the stay, the arrival, and the departure date
  • The statement guaranteeing the applicant has the financial during his stay

The Visa Application Letter Sample

For you who are wondering how to write a visa application letter, here we provide an example that you can probably use as a reference.

This is the sample

Dear Consulate General of South Korea

This letter is to confirm that Mr. Jonas Edward is the Manager of Export-Import (Foreign Trade) at Blue and Grey Company. Mr. Edward has been employed by Blue and Grey Company for about 8 years. Our company is submitting Mr. Edward’s valid passport and the required visa application materials.

Mr. Edward will be visiting Busan, South Korea to attend a business meeting with our client, located at Jaesong 48055, Busan, South Korea, phone number 567-3444-5656. He will be meeting with the president of JSY Company, Mr. Lee, phone number 333-239-8888. Mr. Edward will be staying at Hanwha Resort, Daecheon 48075, Busan, South Korea.

Mr. Edward intends to stay in South Korea for 6 days. He will depart from Germany on July 21, 2020, and will arrive at Busan, South Korea on July 21, 2020. he will depart from South Korea on July 27, 2020, and return to Germany. Blue and Grey Company guarantee that Mr. Edward has the necessary funds in his possession for living accommodation during his stay in South Korea and his return transportation to Germany.

Blue and Grey Company guarantee that Mr. Edward would not become dependent upon the South Korean government or need any technical assistance during his stay. We would truly thankful for any help you can provide us. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and guidance.


Kind regards,


William Smith

CEO & President, Blue and Grey




Jonas Edward Passport

Visa Application Materials


That is all about the sample of the visa application letter. This letter probably is needed for you who will travel or visit other countries who require the visa application letter. It includes the name of the applicant, the purpose of visiting, and the length of stay, arrival, and also departure should be stated clearly.



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