What does voluntary resignation mean?

Voluntary resignation stands for an employment termination that is voluntarily asked by the employee which is not because of disability, illness, death, or retirement. As a result, not only the involuntary resignation, the voluntary resignation also requires an employee to prepare a voluntary resignation letter from the employer. To get to know more about the letter, ensure you read the following paragraphs thoroughly.

183 What does voluntary resignation mean

How to write a voluntary resignation letter from an employer?

To guide you write a proper and formal voluntary resignation letter from your employer, you may check out the step-by-step below.

  1. Show gratitude in the letter

To open the letter, you may directly inform the objective of writing the voluntary resignation letter. Then, while delivering your job termination request, you may need to show gratitude in the letter to the company. Maintain the words to be as nice and polite as possible and deliver only sincere gratitude without mentioning any harsh critics or judgment.


  1. Tell me the reason for leaving

To continue, make sure to briefly explain the reason for leaving. There are several possible reasons to leave my current job. While writing a volunteer resignation letter from your employer, ensure you are ready with logical and acceptable reasons for leaving your current job. No need to explain the whole reason, make it short and brief yet clear enough to read.

  1. Describe your plan

The plan here means what you are going to do after you resign from the company. If you leave due to a career change, you may need to inform them about your new company and job title. Thus, to keep in touch with the current company would show nice and professionalism in working.

  1. Offer help for the transition of the resignation

Due to the resignation, there must be several things to consider by the company. Therefore, it is highly recommended if you also offer your help to any of the matters related to the transition of the resignation.

  1. Sum up the letter nicely

End the letter with nice closing and keep it polite and respectful.

Tips to create a formal and proper voluntary resignation letter from employer

Now, it is time for you to follow some helpful tips below to write a proper and formal letter.

  1. To show professionalism, you need to be able to use formal lettering format and language.
  2. As mentioned before, no need to use wordy language. Instead, keep it short and direct yet still nice and polite.
  3. To maintain a positive and nice letter, ensure to not include any criticisms and harsh words in the voluntary resignation letter.
  4. Review the letter to prevent any mistakes and errors before submitting.
  5. Keep the letter to sound positive until the end. Show your respect and gratitude as well as sincere resignation until the end of the letter.

The sample template of voluntary resignation letter

  • Formal opening salutation
  • The first paragraph covers the objective of the letter, the date of resignation, the reason for leaving, the gratitude expressions to the company.
  • The second paragraph is about the plan, help for the resignation transition, and your contact information.
  • The third paragraph is, to sum up, the letter and additional positive words to the company.
  • Closing salutation, name, and signature.


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