What is a Voluntary Termination Letter

An employee sends or submits a resignation letter to notify the employer that he is leaving the company. A voluntary termination letter is made and sent by the leadership to employees by accepting the employee’s resignation. Voluntary termination of employment may be a collective agreement or may be initiated by the employee or employer.

Artikel 120. Voluntary Termination Letter

Format and Content of the Voluntary Termination Letter

The first part of the voluntary termination letter format must reflect the resignation letter, as long as the information presented in the letter is factual and true. If not, they must be corrected in the employer’s reply. The letter must include a written date, the effective date of termination, requests for exit interviews, and the handling of the employee’s final salary. The employer may want to enter information regarding the return of company property.

Sample of Voluntary Termination Letter

An example of a voluntary termination letter is provided for an employee who is about to resign from a company. The letter confirms the information addressed by the employee in his letter of resignation and provides information related to company policy.

How to Create a Voluntary Termination Letter

Dear Ms. Angela Fully,

This letter is to state that we have received your resignation letter by January 1, 2020. According to the letter, you are resigning from your position at Browny Inc., effective January 31, 2020, to pursue a career opportunity at another organization. We accept your resignation and your work at our company will be terminated on 31 January 2020.

According to your letter, you left Browny Inc. to take a position that will allow you to develop your current skills in international markets. We encourage personal and professional growth. As a national company, it will not offer the same opportunities. We appreciate your loyal service over the years and wish you all the best in your new position.

I appreciate the opportunity to do an exit interview with you during your last work week. You can call my office at (111) -111-1111 to schedule an appointment. My assistant will give you the date and time available on my calendar. May you find a mutually beneficial appointment time for both of us. If you are unable to schedule an interview due to work commitments please notify my assistant and he will send you a written interview form by mail.

Please plan to return any company property or written communications you had on your last day of employment. You can leave your employee identification badge on the security desk before leaving the building on your last day. You will receive your final salary on January 31, 2020, along with any outstanding payments for PTOs accrued and unused. You are not entitled to severance packages. Your eligibility under the Company, together with a description of the benefits, will be sent to your home address. I am happy to answer the questions that will be asked.

Best regards,

Kiehl Young

Human Resource Management

Browny, Inc.




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