Volunteer Recommendation and its Letter Sample

It is always a milestone to get started on work, even if is just as a volunteer. Also, if you were a first-year student at universities or a high schooler, doing volunteer work or a program should come in handy in the future. Now, to achieve your dream volunteer program or work, you will need a volunteer recommendation that will serve you best to grasp your goal of starting your first experience in volunteerism.

25.Volunteer Recommendation

What is Volunteer Recommendation?

Volunteer recommendation is a reference that contains a name or two who knows the best of you through experience. This very individual can include parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, co-workers, or friends. No matter who the person is, it should be the one who knows you well to the bone in terms of your skills, competency, attitude, and behaviour. Getting one or two of these references is surely accommodating your steppingstone for the future.

What is There to Include in a Volunteer Recommendation?

Naturally, in a volunteer recommendation, the person who is recommending you should include all unique and breath-taking experience with you. They need to specify what kind of personalities you have, what motivates you in struggling with life, and what ambition that you must achieve. All those reasons for recommending you should be more than enough to get you to the volunteer work.

How do I write a letter of recommendation?

a volunteer recommendation letter basically contains the name and the reason why you recommend a specific individual. Nonetheless. You will want to kick start the description of a said person with a delicate charm that will enchant the readers. Here is a list of steps to get started on the letter

  • Write a knockout line
  • Describe your relationship with the volunteer
  • Stand out any best quality the volunteer has
  • End the pages with a strong recommendation

The Sample of Volunteer Recommendation

Usually, when it comes to writing a volunteer recommendation, the language is not quite formal. As it contains a more personal touch on the volunteer, flexibility is open to exploring. Look down below for a more meticulous sample of the letter.

Dear Mrs. Amber


It is my greatest pleasure to recommend one of my best students in the faculty of humanities, Kyle, to be a volunteer content writer at your company. In my year of teaching him as an English literature teacher, he has been a tremendous individual I have ever seen. His skills in English writing is top-notch, unlike any other students. Due to his eagerness and unyielding effort in enlarging his knowledge, he has a great depth of understanding concerning vocabularies, and idioms that cover many different disciplines.

To be more precise, Kyle is someone who does not give up. When his writing is considered lacking, he will try to fix it at its finest and look for an answer to make better writings. His firm dedication to English and writing makes him a loyal individual to one thing that he is doing. Having said that, you can truly trust him when you want to hand over a task to him. He will get it done in no time with a painstaking result.

Natural and sociable, he is the embodiment of someone you will want to have in your team. Once again, I am thankful to be someone who can recommend him to you. You can reach out to anytime for a further discussion about him at 019394874

Thank you

Best Regard


Mr. Luke

That is all a glimpse of a volunteer recommendation letter that will get you started on your future.

This specific letter will surely be of help to you every time you will want to be involved in volunteerism.



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