VP Creative Director Resume Sample

VP Creative Director job description offers the position that leads the creative instrument in the business field. The person that works in the position needs to be able to create leading advertising, marketing plan for companies, working with various clients and providers, handling many aspects of the job instruments as well as vision clear goals for company.

VP Creative Director Resume Sample

Kylie Ginnell

1167 Streep Rid Road, Providence, RI, 02860, Phone: +1 (401) 4445542



                                                Providence, RI

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Can show expertise performance with high interpersonal skills that is required as seen in the VP creator director resume sample
  • Take part in the team and assist the team with helpful information, suggestion, and more
  • Can lead the workflow and involve in the creative process
  • Can give creative direction in the project, review the progress and present positive and helpful feedback for the team
  • Works with Editorial and Brand company team
  • Can effectively handle and manage various projects in the short time
  • Can ensure the projects to run under the targets and goals
  • Involve in the strategy movements and ideas that help the projects to develop, improve, and works in the beneficial progress
  • Capable to make the decision in the critical condition
  • Compose and manage the communication in a good and balance ambience to each other



Williston, ND

05/2012 – 02/2017

  • Take care of the press, vendors, suppliers, and clients in the community
  • Capable to create deal project with corporate sponsors
  • Provide excellent administrative direction for company projects
  • Supervise the productions of the company and capable to maintain the relationship between the teams
  • Hold the exhibitions in the global way
  • Can arrange and hold great events and serve best performance in the team
  • Can implement the design of the system and deliver the projects in the best way
  • Maintain the performance of the projects and set the progress in the best level
  • Can utilize the Audience research and collect the Data group
  • Can perform great work performance that strengthen the creative works



Roswell, NM

10/2006 – 03/2012

  • Can provide an excellent managerial tasks and give suggestion in the creative ideas and decision
  • Works with different teams and take part in the strategic expertise of the company’s order
  • Can develop the creative process in the team
  • Give solutions and take part in the Ad Sales team, Business Development, and others
  • Capable to create creative and innovative ideas based on the creative standards
  • Can do project designs, artworks, photography, graphic stuff, and others in an excellent way
  • Can work in the creative direction department
  • Have executive level leadership and capable to show strategic planning for company
  • Capable to take care of the clients, guests, and customers



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Design



  • Have proficient skills in the language expertise, capable to talk fluently in French, Mexican, Spanish, Dutch, and German language and written excellently in those languages
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and compassionate
  • Present strategic thinking and high problem solving that is required in many industry part
  • Capable to gather, manage, and lead the team, projects, and resources
  • Have great leadership that can lead and bring the team in to the top of the position
  • Capable to serve excellent performance
  • Have great understanding in the creative trends that happen in the society and capable to capture the trends
  • Have unlimited observations and a great observer
  • Have good planning and capable to crate clear plan with great organizational skills
  • Have long experience in the field


VP Creative Director Resume Sample

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