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Wanted Poster Templates

Wanted poster, also known as wanted sign, is a poster that is made with the aim of informing the public about the existence of fugitives and rewards to those who arrest them or inform their relevant information to the authorities. These posters are usually posted in public places or places where authorities suspect they are hiding. Wanted posters are usually accompanied by fugitive photos or facial composite images (sketches) made by the police or detective.

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What SHOULD be in a wanted poster template

1. Name and fugitive identity

So that the public knows that they are dealing with fugitives, wanted posters include the names and identities of the fugitives in question. Because fugitives often falsify identity, wanted posters also mention the aliases commonly used by the fugitives.

2. Characteristics of fugitives

After the name and alias, the wanted poster reveals the characteristics of the intended fugitive. Even if the names and aliases of fugitives are unknown, the characteristics of the perpetrators of crimes and the last clothing worn will greatly help the community to recognize them.

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Old West Most Wanted Poster templates usually include the famous phrase “DEAD OR ALIVE”. That is, the public can surrender the intended fugitive under any circumstances. The authorities even accept that the fugitive is dead when he arrives at the police station. The fugitive that is hunted in the “DEAD OR ALIVE” condition is usually an outlaw so the community is allowed to kill the person. Or, the fugitive fights when he is about to be handed over to the authorities so that the person who catches him needs to kill him.

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4. Monetary rewards

In modern times, fugitives need to be captured alive so that they can undergo trial and be punished as fairly as possible. People who help the police catch these fugitives will be rewarded with a prize money as mentioned in the wanted posters.


What SHOULD NOT be in a wanted poster template

1. Using photos or sketches that are not clear

If there really isn’t a photo that really shows the physical features of the fugitive clearly, it’s better to include a clear sketch. Unclear photos will make a mess. This can make people catch the wrong people, who have nothing to do with these criminals.

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2. Does not include contacts

Don’t forget to include the contact person who made the poster. If there are people who intend to provide information about the wanted people, they can contact the number in question.

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3. Using confusing fonts and design

A good wanted poster has a high level of readability. In fact, it must be read from a distance. Therefore, choose a clear font and print the wanted poster with high resolution and large size.

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4. Rewards that aren’t in local currency

Indeed, it is possible for wanted posters to be distributed internationally. That means, it could be that the person is a fugitive in his country who fled to your country. Even so, the written rewards must use local currency so that people can quickly understand the contents of the poster.

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Wanted Poster Design Ideas

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