Weekly Activity Report Template

Weekly Activity Report Template for Better Management

Reporting the working activity is an important matter to do by a company. With a good working report, of course, a company will be able to make better management, so every target of the company could be fulfilled well. That is why knowing a weekly activity report template is needed.

Sample Printbale Weekly Status Report Template Excel

Something that you need to know, a weekly activity report is one of the working reports that a company could make. As its name, this report will show the detail activity of employees in a week. Well, on this occasion, we will talk about some matters of it to help you create a good report.

What is a Weekly Activity Report PSD?

Before talking more about a weekly activity report, we need to know the definition of it. A weekly activity report is a document that tells about the detail activity of employees in a week. It tells the detail activity in running the target of the company.

Sample Admin Weekly Activity Report Template Word Format

Through this document, every activity of the employees in a week could be tracked well. Of course, this document will be useful to help a manager to manage the running of the job. On another hand, this report is also useful as a media of evaluation when there is a mistake inside the planning.

Benefits of Weekly Activity Report PSD

A weekly activity report has some benefits that could be the reason why a manager needs to make this kind of document. First, a weekly activity report is very useful to track the working of an employee. Through this report, a manager could see whether the working of an employee is well or not.

Sample Blank Weekly Activity Report Template

Then, a weekly activity report is useful as a media of evaluation. It means that a manager could evaluate the working of employees by seeing the report of the weekly activity. Then, the report is also useful to value whether the planning of the working is appropriate or not.

How to Write a Good Weekly Activity Report PSD?

To make a weekly activity report, these are some ways that you need to follow. Some ways to make a good report here are:

  • Create the title page

First, you need to think about the title page. Here, arrange your own words to make the title of a report. Here, your title should explain that the report tells about the working activity and it shows the weekly target.

  • Present an executive summary

Next, you need to write the executive summary in making a weekly activity report. This point is quite essential because it could be the base of the report. Try to write a detailed summary to ease the reader to understand the report.

  • List the detailed activity

As its name, a weekly activity report tells about the detailed activity. Here, to make a good report, you need to list the detail daily activity done in a week. Here, you need to make a column in order to ease you in listing the activities.

Download Weekly Activity Report Template PSD

On this page, you are able to find a weekly activity report template. This template is available on the PSD file and it is free to download. By the template, of course, making this report will be easier. Sample CMU Weekly Activity Report Template PDF Printable Sample Employee weekly status report Sample Engineering Weekly Activity Report Template PDF Printable Sample Example Sample Personal Activity Report Template Sample excel weekly sales Sample Information Resources Management Weekly Report Template Sample Sample Justice Administration Weekly Activity Report Tempalte Word Doc Sample Printable New Weekly Report Form Example Sample Sample Weekly Status Report Template Editable 1 Sample Weekly Work Activity Report Template PDF Format

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