Weekly Sales Report Template

Weekly Sales Report Template to Manage Performance

It could be said that the sales department is one of the most important parts of a company. People inside this division will do their best in order to maximize the running of the company. It is why talking about the weekly sales report template is important.

Sample Agency Weekly Sales Report Template

A weekly sales report is a document that is made to measure the performance of the sales. With this document, a manager could control the working of their teams and maximize the planned target. Here, we will talk to you about some matters inside a weekly sales report to know.

Purposes of Weekly Sales Report PSD

This kind of document is important to make. Something to understand, a weekly sales report has some purposes that could be the reasons why you as a manager need to make this paper.

Some purposes of a weekly sales report to know are:

  • A weekly sales report records the improvement of employees in doing their roles
  • This document will be able to help the sales manager to knows the detail activities done by their teams
  • A weekly sales report allow the management to decide whether the working of sales is good or not based on the detail data inside this document
  • It reports the detail activities of sales, so a company could apply some new targets or strategies to improve their working when it is needed

How to Make a Good Weekly Sales Report PSD?

To make a good weekly sales report, of course, these are some ways that you need to follow. As a common weekly report, ways to make this document are simple. Some matters to do in making a weekly sales report are:

  • Decide the title

You need to make an appropriate title for a weekly sales report. The title is simple but it will influence the whole document. Here, be clear in making the title and give emphasize especially in the word ‘weekly’

  • Present the executive summaries

Inside a weekly sales report, you need to write about the executive summaries. This point is quite important in order to deliver the information to the reader about the real condition or real achievement that is achieved in a week

  • List the detail activities

Since a weekly sales report tells about the activities of sales, writing about the lists of activities is needed. Here, you need to write what you –as sales, do in a week. Use a column to make a clearer explanation

  • Write a conclusion and recommendation

The last part of a weekly sales report is the conclusion and recommendation. A conclusion tells about the whole detail of the performance of sales in a week, including the faced problems. Then, the recommendations could be the way to give a solution for making better performance.

Tips in Making a Weekly Sales Report PSD

Some tips need to be known for making a weekly sales report. Since it is a formal document, you need to be careful in choosing the writing style. Make effective sentences and short sentences. On another hand, avoid using ambiguous sentences there.

Sample Manager Weekly Sales Report Template

Download Weekly Sales Report Template PSD Files

You are able to find a weekly sales report template on this page. Through the searching bar, you could look for a good template for this document. The template is available on the PSD file and it is editable.  Sample Weekly Poject Sales Report Sample Weekly Sales Activity Report Template Sample Weekly Sales And Inventory Report Sample Sample Weekly Sales Call Report Template

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