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How to Use Wingdings Translator to Decode Secret Message for Those in Need

Have you heard about Wingdings before? It is one of the common icon fonts which were made by using different characters from group of symbols. Since they appear as symbols, those fonts are often used to send secret message. You will need to use Wingdings translator to decode it of course.

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Secret message is meant to be decoded to reveal its message. Don’t be overwhelmed by it since decoding it is not as difficult as you think it might be. Follow this procedure and you will do fine for sure. Now, let’s just get down to it here.

Wingdings Translator Step to Follow #1

First of all, start by opening the file with the Windings used on it. Why, of course, we are going to decode what’s written on it after all. Once you open the file, you have to highlight the content. There are two ways to try. To cut short, you can press Ctrl + A on the keyboard to select all content.

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It is if you have the whole content in need to be decoded. What if there are only some parts within the content then? If so, Wingdings translation needs you to place the cursor in front of the selected text, drag while holding it, and release it.


Wingdings Translator Step to Follow #2

Now that you have selected the intended text, you need to copy it. You can press Ctrl + C on the keyboard on the highlighted text. It will copy the text right away. Next, open the word processing programs. After all, we do need to paste the text to the new file. To paste the text, do use Ctrl + V.

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Of course, you can do all the controls with mouse. The way to do the copy and paste should not be that much different. Just use the keyboard or the mouse as you see fit. You might have your own preference to operate computer, right?

Wingdings Translator Step to Follow #3

In the new file, once again you need to select the text. Since what has already been copied in the new file is all Wingdings content, you will need to select all. Thus, you have to press Ctrl + A to get the job done. It is faster and easier this way. Then, you need to find the font box or dropdown menu.

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Look at the top part of the software window. The list of fonts will appear if you click on the down arrow. They are easy to find, so you should not take much time looking for it. Then, you can move on to the next step of the procedure after it.

Wingdings Translator Step to Follow #4

Now, you need to scroll through the different fonts. There are many of them in the dropdown menu. Just find the one that is readable and click on it. Either one is fine so long as it helps you read the Wingdings just fine. Clicking on the chosen readable font will be the last thing you can do right here.

wingdings translator template 07

The program will translate the Wingdings right away and you are done with everything. Wingdings translator is this easy to use to decode the secret message. You don’t have to do things manually that would take lots of the time anymore.


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