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How to Create a Proper Work Order Template

In a business, sometimes you will need to make a work order. It can be used in contracting business, organization, etc. Whether you provide services or products, work order is often needed. However, work order template depends on the business or purpose. For the further discussion, let’s see this!

Templates Maintenance Repair Work Order Example


 How to Write a Work Order Template

You can find so many free work order templates on internet. As we know, there are various types of work order and they come with different formats. However, the most important thing is that you know the acceptable format by understanding about the basic information required.

Templates Maintenance Work Order Example 2

Basically, you need to begin writing a work order with the requester’s full name. If needed, you can also provide the contact details of the requester. After that, you can follow it with the work or job description. It relates to what you need to do relate to the work order.

Then, there are still some other details you should include. For example is work order number. Besides that, it is also important to include request date. In addition, you should include delivery date, too. Next, you will need to provide the details of payment term clearly.

A work order also requires you to include the costs completely. It does not only about the total cost but also applicable taxes or discounts or promo or anything else related to cost. For the final section, you should end it up with an authorized signature where it shows an agreement.

Tips to Make a Work Order Template

After you understand well about the work order form, you still need to pay attention to the following tips. First of all, you have to decide how to make the template whether you would like to create from scratch, use a wizard, or download on internet.

To create it, you can start by opening Ms. Word or any other app. After that, make a suitable line for address. Then, add a line for entry date and completion date. Now, you may need to add optional field for additional info like hours, cost, total work, or other notes.

Next, you have to decide the format you will use. It depends on your business and purpose. Anyway, all formats available are good. You may also add a column for other details like job approval & feedback message. Before you print it out, you will need to preview it first and check everything.

There are some more tips you need to know, too. Sometimes, you need to add special sections such as for contractual details, note to customers, warranty information, legal disclaimer, etc. Keep in mind that it is a legal document. So, you have to make it as clear as possible.


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If you decide to use a downloaded work order template, make sure that you use the proper template for your requirements. If everything is right, you can print it out on bright papers to differentiate them from regular sales orders or other documents.

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