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Post Card Templates

What is a post card?

A post card is a thick sheet of paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and sending letters without using envelopes. The shape of the post card is usually a rectangle. Sometimes, there are post cards that are not rectangular. However, non-rectangular post cards were rare. Some rare postcards include wooden postcards, coconut postcards, and copper postcards.

Post card psd templates

Why use a post card?

In some places, sending a post card is cheaper than mail. So, this has become a more interesting means of communication than sending letters, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Post card psd

What is the difference between post card and postal card?

Stamp collectors differentiate between post cards and postal cards. According to them, a post card is a piece of paper that requires a postage stamp while a postal card already has a pre-printed postage.

Post cards are usually printed and sold by private companies, organizations, or individuals. Meanwhile, the postal card issued by the post office authority usually includes the pre-printed postage.

What are the advantages of a post card?

Post cards can function as business cards even better. Apart from offering impressive visuals, custom post cards can increase brand awareness and promote your business to go further than any other form of marketing. Therefore, post card design ideas often become important when you want to publish upcoming events.

Post card templates psd

How to make a post card

  1. Choose the post card size you want
  2. Determine the post card orientation whether landscape or portrait
  3. Make sure your theme includes color palettes, tints, graphics, and patters
  4. Use a high resolution image so the results are not blurry
  5. Add the right typefaces to match the post card theme
  6. Print post cards on good quality paper

Free Post Card Templates

Use our free post card templates that combine any image with text and custom graphic elements. Our templates include compatibility for various applications (file types), beautiful typography, iconic imagery, and professional themes.

Post card templates for photoshop

You can download, modify, print, or upload our post card templates, for example:

  • Free Printable Post Card Templates
  • Free Girl Scout Post Card Templates
  • Free Real Photo Post Card Templates
  • Free Postal Card Templates
  • Free E-post Card Templates
  • Free Mail Card Templates
  • Free Collectible Post Card Templates
  • Free Christmas Post Card Templates
  • Free Post Card Templates for Realtors
  • Free Avery Post Card Templates
  • Free Event Post Card Templates
  • Free .ppt Giant Post Card Templates
  • Free Orange and Greenk Blank Post Card Templates
  • Free Publisher Post Card Templates
  • Free Black and White Post Card Templates
  • Free Electrician Post Card Templates
  • Free Fillable Post Card Templates
  • Free Wedding Invitation Post Card Templates
  • Free Impeachment Post Card Templates
  • Free Cute Valentines Day Post Card Templates
  • Free Thank You Post Card Templates
  • Free DIY Save the Date Post Card Templates
  • Free Sales Post Card Templates
  • Free Open House Post Card Templates
  • Free Millenial Post Card Templates
  • And many more!

Post card psd templates

Post Card Templates Design Ideas

Post card customizable psd design templates Post card example psd design

Post Card Templates Ideas

Post card in photoshop

Post card in photoshop

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