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Receipts are defined as documents about receiving payments or goods made by a person or company that has legal force. This receipt has different benefits in terms of business owners and consumers. From the business owner, they can use receipts as a form of documentation and financial records. Meanwhile, on the part of the consumer, the receipt is their right to get authorization for the transaction, especially if they pay a sum of money to the business owner.

The difference between receipt and invoice

With many types of financial documents, you may find several documents that are difficult to distinguish. Receipts are often misinterpreted as invoices and vice versa.

Receipts and invoices do have a lot in common. The information written in the two documents and the format is indeed similar. The main difference between the two is the issues time. Invoices are issued after the product is purchased or the service is provided, but before payment is made. This is different from the receipt issued after the payment is made. The information contained on a receipt is also largely the same as the information written on the invoice.

Furthermore, consumers will get a receipt with the same receipt structure from one company. Therefore, if you run a business, you should uniform the format of your documents including receipt documents. To help you, we provide a reference receipt that you can use to improve the quality of one of your most important documents.

Examples of receipt templates

Here are some examples of receipt templates we have in this site:

Free Download Blank Receipt Templates

Use this template if you want to create a receipt template which will be filled manually later. We have examples of blank rent receipts, blank sales receipts, and blank invoice receipts.

Free Download Sales Receipt Templates

Use this template to write a purchase receipt. Examples available here include sales order receipt and retail sales receipt.

Free Download Payment Receipt Templates

Modify the following payment receipt template to write the payment receipt that you will provide to the tenant. Examples of us include rent payment receipts, car payment receipts, and down payment receipts.

Free Download Cash Receipt Templates

Use this template to make receipts including cash donations, cash receipts, and general receipts.

Free Download Rent Receipt Templates

Sample rent payment receipts and commercial rent receipts are two sample templates that we provide for rental receipt receipts.

Free Download Donation Receipt Templates

Use the following template if you need a receipt for donations made by someone or an entity. We have several donation receipts templates such as non-profit donation receipts and vehicle donation receipts.

Free Download Other Receipt Templates

In addition to the example template above, you can also find other template examples for various conditions such as business sales receipts, security deposit receipts, rent deposit receipts, holding deposit receipts, good delivery receipts, goods donation receipts, medical bill receipts, blank medical receipts, etc.

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