Volunteer Resume Sample

Volunteer resume sample is interesting for you who want to be a volunteer. The work of this one is all about helping the people. It is an honorable work because you should help anyone without any pledges. The job also covers a wide range of services. Commonly, people do volunteer work for a number of reasons and it can be to gain the experience to work. In this one, it can be the part of the school work. Besides, the doctor also will need a help especially in the poor cities so that the volunteer is very important.

The most important thing in this resume is that the volunteer list skill. It should reflect the need of the job. Anyone can be and do volunteer work whether you are student or not. The charity group usually will need people that have a passion for doing volunteer work. However, sometimes we are confused to write the best one to be a volunteer. What skills do you need to be a volunteer? Gaining this purpose, the sample resume will help you to write the impressive resume that will facilitate the readers to understand the resume.

Volunteer Resume Sample

Kelly Clarkson

2345 Feliciana Street, New Orleans, LA, Phone: (504) 788 4578


Experiences                                       Volunteer; Math Teacher in Elizabeth Orphanage, New Orleans

                                                                02/ 2017 – present

  • Prepares the lesson plans, games, long-tests, and graded reading questions
  • Demeanor both classroom and one-one-one instruction for children age 8 – 14.
  • Assessments, estimates, and grades the performance of all students in the class
  • See with St. Elizabeth Orphanage managements and discovery the ways to make the instruction better
  • Offer the limited-range treatment services to the children upon their request

Volunteer: Math Teacher in Storyville Children’s Asylum, New Orleans

09/ 2014 – 05/ 2016

  • Nominated for teaching Math to the Hispanic children aged 6 to 12
  • Corresponding with the city government to facilitate the Storyville providing its teaching services to other improvised, migrant regions in New Orleans
  • Directed the home instruction upon the request of the institutions
  • Participated in the special events planning sessions
  • Facilitated in volunteer enrollment and training activities
  • Provided support in the promotional activities and maintain completed records of all events in Storyville

Junior Volunteer; Children’s Orphanage of Desire Community, New Orleans

08/ 2013 – 09/ 2014

  • Offered short-term, partial counseling services to the children in need
  • Educated Math and Science subject to orphans age 6 to 12
  • Facilitate the teachers in conducting classroom sessions, overseeing tests and categorizing test result
  • Helped the orphanage during various fund-raising activities
  • Conducted the classroom debate upon the request of the school or when the teacher is absent

Education                                            College Loyola University

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics


  • Enjoying to teach the children
  • Excellent communicator
  • Adoring about volunteer work
  • Bilingual skills and level 9 for Spanish
  • More than three years experiences in volunteer work
  • Sound knowledge of teaching math techniques
  • Skilled in preparing proposals and promotional materials
  • Able to work with people from different culture
  • Able to increase the promotional materials and proposals for donations
  • Skillful to work in frequently changing work environment


Volunteer Resume Sample

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